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Dress Rental


We understand that not all brides want to own a wedding dress, that's why we have added a rental option to our list of services. Brides can rent any of the custom-made wedding dresses for their weddings.

All you have to do is to scroll through our collection of gowns and pick a gown that catches your eye. 


So if your question is "can I really have the wedding  dress of my dream without paying full price for it?" The answer is YES, you can really have you dream dress without paying full price for it. Book a phone consultation with us, while we guide you through the process of getting it.

We will custom make you a wedding dress to fit you perfectly. We understand your fears about wearing oversized clothes. We will custom-fit your clothes to meet your body size. All consultations must be booked at least three months before your wedding day to enable us to get your dress ready for you in time for your wedding.

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